Los alumnos de 2º de la E.S.O del I.E.S Cañada Real participaron en una actividad dentro del programa bilingüe del centro en el CRIEC de Carboneras de Guadazón. Nos llega la experiencia vivida por los alumnos de primera mano gracias a las sendas redacciones de dos alumnos implicados. 

A wonderful experience in Carboneras de Guadazón

By Javier Martín Vares. 2º ESO A

In Spring I have done of the best experiences in my life. I went with my friends from High School Cañada Real to an English Interactive Camp located in a small village called Carboneras de Guadazón in Cuenca.

The camp was amazing! The instructors and teachers were very nice and we participated in a lot of activities, for example workshops of radio, geocatching, photography gymkanas. Also, we played a lot of games like riddles. Besides, we watched movies. My favourite movie was “Mr. Popper’s Penguins.”


In this camp I learnt many things such as English, and how to solve riddles. It was easy peasy! Also, I learnt how to orient myself as well as create my own radio programme. It was very funny.

All in all, I had a great experience in this camp, because I was with my friends and I participated in many cool activities.

My experience in the CRIEC

By Marta Lendínez 2ºESO C

My experience was very good, in it I have made many friends. The teachers are friendly and funny.

I like the organization of rooms and the breakfast because the food was home-made. My favourite food was the pizza and the croissants. I like the break time but we couldn’t take advantage at all because it was raining. I like this time too because the best room can play football.

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We had to get points in teams doing games, activities…My favourite was the photogymkana. We took photos following some indications like: you need a photo in a park, in a tree…

I think that it is a very interesting experience and you can learn a lot and the only change would be that we could call home all days.


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